Bulletin Inserts (FAQ’s)

Part I: The Early Learning Center
Part II: The Church Annex
Part III: Financial Matters


What is the goal for this SPN Capital Campaign?

We estimate that we need to raise about $5 million to build the Early Learning Center and the Church Annex, based on data from Mathes Brierre Architects.

Do we need all the money before we break ground?

No. The start of construction will depend on the success of the capital campaign and the obtaining of all permits and approvals. Even though the Archdiocese will loan us money to build, we intend that the Capital Campaign raise as much money as possible so that our debt service to the Archdiocese is at a minimum. It is our goal, however, that we will construct both the Early Learning Center and the Church Annex at the same time.

What is the pledge period?

We will focus our efforts on a five-year campaign period. However, we will gladly accommodate other time frames. And, obviously, one-time gifts will also be an option.

Is this pledge legally binding?

This is your pledge to God and His Church. No contracts are signed. We will be depending on you to fulfill your pledge; however, extreme changes in employment or other circumstances do occur.

How will the pledge money be collected? Will we be billed on a regular basis?

You will have many options as to how you wish to fulfill your pledge. Payment can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly. You may choose to be billed and return your payment in the provided envelope. Or you may choose the ease and convenience of Online Giving and set up payments from your bank account or your credit card on an automatic basis.

If I agree to make a pledge will I have to pay the entire amount immediately?

No, it can be structured over the 5-year duration of the capital campaign. Or you can pay part of your pledge immediately and pay the remainder over the 5-year period. If at a later date you feel you can increase your donation, you can certainly do so. We are thankful for whatever amount  you are able to give.

What are some examples of payment plans over the 60 month giving period?


Will there be memorial or naming opportunities? Or other gifting options?

Yes. See Memorials page for naming opportunities. Other options include donating stock which has appreciated in value and donating your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA. Both have favorable tax consequences. If your current or former employer has a Matching Gift Program, this also may be beneficial to the Campaign. Please contact the Church Office for more details. The phone number is (504) 887-5535.

If I give money to the capital campaign, do I still need to contribute to the regular offertory collection?

Stewardship is our response to God’s many gifts to us. The day-to-day expenses of running a parish still need to be met. Your participation in the capital campaign is a gift separate from your weekly offering. We ask you to carefully consider your contribution to this lasting Sign of Faith.