Case Statement


Case Statement:

Since our founding more than 50 years ago, we, the members of St. Philip Neri Parish, have built and maintained an active and vibrant Faith Community, centered upon Worship, Service and Education. Succeeding generations of Parishioners have generously contributed their time, talent and treasure to St. Philip Neri Parish. As a result, our Parish has consistently improved upon our campus facilities, which have enabled us to grow and flourish through changing times.

St. Philip Neri Parish, like Jefferson Parish as a whole, is undergoing significant change. One major change is that there are fewer young families with children in the Parish. Young families are the fuel of a thriving parish, without whom, a Parish will wither away, as has happened to many Parishes in the Greater New Orleans Area. Therefore, for St. Philip Neri to continue to thrive, it is imperative that we improve upon our ability to attract young families to our church and school. Furthering our Mission, Securing our Future will go a long way toward insuring that outcome.

The Early Learning Center, to accommodate a hundred children, will improve upon our current early childhood program (for children six weeks to under three years old), by providing a beautiful, functional, state of the art facility for working families who are seeking the best child-care and early learning experience for their babies and toddlers. The current facility is located in modular buildings that are well past their useful life and simply must be replaced. Of course, our Parish School will also benefit with sustained enrollment.

Building for the entire parish community, the Church Annex will not only improve upon the experience that young families have at St. Philip Neri, but will also benefit all of us. We will be able to provide Child Church and Children’s Liturgy of the Word during Mass and accommodate RCIA and after-Mass hospitality. It will also include separate Restrooms for men and women, easily accessible from our existing Church, Storage rooms, a small Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, a Day Chapel with a capacity for about a hundred adults, which will allow for daily Mass and other services for small groups to be conducted in a more meaningful setting.

The Parish Offices section, located on the rectory side, will include a Reception Area, a Combined Office Area for two executive secretaries, Offices for the Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Parish Administrator, Deacons, Conference Room, Kitchenette, Records Room and Printing Room. Moving the Parish Offices to the Church Annex will also allow the existing office space in the Parishioners’ Center to be transformed into a Youth Center for teenagers and young adults and thus provide a stable and safe meeting place for our youth.

Because we have gained much from previous generations, we are the faith community we are today! Empowered by your strong faith and overwhelming generosity, we will continue to grow and pass on to future generations, our Proud Tradition of Catholic Worship, Service and Education. To this end, our Parish is relying upon your participation in Furthering Our Mission, Securing Our Future.

The Mission Statement of St. Philip Neri Church is to connect people with God
and each other in the context of our Catholic Faith